Our Platform


The American Reformation Front's platform is broken into the following categories:

Economic Platform

The American Reformation Front promotes the shift of America from a service import-based economy to a "creators" export-based economy and a shift towards total autarky for the American nation. We promote a slow progression from one economic model to another as to allow the nation to grow accustomed to the shift without causing major economic instability within the nation.

Social Platform

The ARF promotes the conception of a unifying American Culture. With its base in Christian moral and ethical values, the celebration of traditional American holidays like the 4th of July and Thanksgiving, and its embracement of a physically fit and healthy population through games such as Baseball and American Football.

We promote a rejection of the small family, instead promoting a culture and society in which large families are not only encouraged socially but in which financial assistance can be given to allow for families to raise large households.

We believe that all Americans should have access to health services in times of peace and in times of crisis and that no accident, caused by mere misfortune should be capable of ruining an individual or family financially.

We promote a more streamlined and available system of healthcare and support for the disabled of our nation. So that those who are the most vulnerable in this nation will not have to wait for years on end to receive the treatment necessary to return as close to normalcy as they can, regardless of financial situation.

Lastly, we promote a total systemic improvement to the veteran's assistance system within our nation, so that those who gave all they could, and the families of those who gave all, shall be honored, protected, cared for, and treated to the best of our great nation's capabilities.

Environmental Platform

The ARF supports a strong stance on the preservation of the natural beauty of America, and supports a steady transition to greener energy, with an emphasis on nuclear energy, hydroelectric, and geothermal energy.. We believe in a slow but steady path to environmental security, by which the nation is slowly leaned off of 100% reliability on non-renewable energy sources as to provide proper time for the workers of these fields to obtain the necessary education to find jobs in other occupations or to obtain the training necessary to continue work within this more environmentally friendly energy field.

We promote an emphasis on recycling to make the most of the resources made available to the American people, to assist with the safekeeping and security of the environment, and to reduce the pollution created by landfills.


Bureaucratic Platform

The ARF stands in strict opposition to the current system of governance. We support a new system, a new machine, containing three branches of Government and supported a meritocratic system of promotion: 

In opposition to the corruption inherent in any form of the national government, we support the establishment of a meritocratic system of advancement:
A system of advancement in which one's accomplishments and utilization of their current position for the betterment of the state and its citizens is the only road to advancement.
Providing us with leaders who have not only earned their position through proper skill, but also through devotion to the people and nation.
And through this, those who fail at their duties, who harm the citizenry's health and safety, who corruptly funnel money for personal interest, and who place themselves before their duties will lose their position and be removed from power. 


The Occupational Senate-
A Representative council on which the workers and owners of every occupational field, organized into guilds, are represented, which has the power to veto laws and present new laws.


The Executive Council-
The head of state and his cabinet of ministers which has the power to pass new laws, present new laws, and declare emergency power should the nation fall into crisis (War, famine, extreme civil strife, etc.)


The Non-Partisan House-
A Representative council of similar structure to the Occupational senate which houses the representatives of sectors of society that must remain non-partisan to any political strife (The police, the branches of military, and the judicial system) The Judicial Systems representatives acting as the supreme court of this new system.


Foreign Policy Platform

The ARF is strictly against any foreign policy which interferes with the national sovereignty of any nation. We are against global organizations such as the United Nations and stand in stark opposition to the spread of global hegemony.

Religious Platform

The ARF supports the right of religious practice of all citizens of America while making clear that America is, from the foundations of its ethics, laws, and social norms a Christian nation and stands in support of official recognition of Christianity as the National Religion.

Education Platform

We desire to create an education system which provides for American citizens a free education up to an associates in 1 degree. This is the proposed timeline, and what subjects would fall under each year. We support an education which focuses the last years of secondary school upon how to properly live as a citizen of the nation, and promote a mandatory 2-year conscription, during which students would learn to defend themselves, how to maintain a healthy body, and how to defend their nation.

Racial Platform

Reformationism opposes any idea which promotes the separation of peoples based upon unchangeable features regardless of their character, collectively known as Racialism.

Reformationism promotes National Identity as the only true distinction between the humans of the earth.


Belonging to a nation, its people, its culture, its history, its struggles, and its future is what determines the nature and practices of an individual. 

If there exists genetic differences between the "biological races" it is so minute as to not matter, especially in the face of the influence of culture, education, and national identity.