Our Ideology:
Coming into its own in the year 2013, Reformationism is an ideology that combines American Populism, Philosophical Idealism, and Classical Fascism into a new organic political philosophy.

Core Ideals:

Philosophical Idealism- 
Forming its basis in the thought of figures like Josiah Royce and Mary Parker Follette, Philosophical Idealism in essence provides a new perspective on how to view the world. Rejecting the more materialistic view of common secular ideologies, Philosophical Idealism proclaims for itself a new view of reality, recognizing the spiritual nature of reality while rejecting the purely materialistic view held by those heavily influenced by enlightenment thought. The spiritual view of reality accepted by Reformationism, in lieu of western materialistic worldviews, is heavily influenced and based in Christian theology and philosophy.

American Populism-
Finding its origin with American political figures such as Huey Long and Theodore Roosevelt Jr., American populism, as with most populist thought, proclaims a central idea: A nation whose preeminent concern is not the wellbeing and prosperity of its people, is no nation at all. A rejection of oligarchical elites in favor of a government that unifies the elite with the workers under a common understanding and united in common culture and purpose.

Classical Fascism-
Finding its origin in the thought of George William Fredrich Hegel, Fascism proclaims three universal truths: That a people are strong and unified when held together through loyalty and love to one's nation and its people (1). That a unified people cannot be separated by illogical separations such as biological race(2), and that for the nation to be free from conflict the workers and owners of the nation must be unified through common cause facilitated by the state(3). 

These ideas are expressed through three mediums: Nationalism(1), National Identity(2), Corporatism(3)

Supporting Ideals:

In opposition to the corruption inherent in any form of national government, we support the establishment of a meritocratic system of advancement, that is to say, a system of advancement where ones accomplishments and proper utilization of ones current position for the betterment of the state and its citizens is the only road to advancement. Providing us with leaders who have not only earned their position through proper skill, but also through devotion to the people.

Book and Gun-
An old adage of Fascist Italy goes as such: "Book and Rifle makes a perfect Patriot" Any proper Reformationist, following in that vein, is both well-armed and well educated. We promote both the spread and further development of the American citizen's right to bear arms, as well as better access to quality education for all citizens of our great nation.

National Identity-

Reformationism opposes any idea which promotes the separation of peoples based upon unchangeable features regardless of their character, collectively known as Racialism.

Reformationism promotes National Identity as the only true distinction between the humans of the earth.

Belonging to a nation, its people, its culture, its history, its struggles, and its future is what determines the nature and practices of a man. 

If there exists genetic differences between the "biological races" it is so minute as to not matter, especially in the face of the influence of culture, education, and national identity.