A nation reformed
Through Action
Through unity
Through Progress
Through Faith

The Unifying Idea

Reformationism stands
For the reformation of America into A Meritocratic Corporatist State. One which promotes a unifying American culture, which respects the Christian foundation to our moral and ethical laws, and which places America (Its people, land, and interests) first.

Otherwise known as "Economy by Teamwork", Corporatism advocates for the organization of occupational fields into groups known as Corporations, which provide representation to both workers and owners, and seek to facilitate collaboration between the two for the prosperity of both the occupational group and the nation as a whole.

Literally "advancement by Merit", meritocracy believes that one should only rise in position by provable, recorded merit, rather than by any measure of popularity or monetary power.

How can we Achieve It?

America will not be reformed through goosestepping or random acts of violence. Only through productive activism: Charity, community building, and resistance to falsehood.

Only through productive action can America have a future.

as we stand for our ideals, and against the forces that would seek to degrade and destroy America, we must not let selfishness nor fear divide us.

By rejecting factionalism, promoting internal and external unity, and subordinating all personal interests towards our goals, we can begin down the path to a new American future.

The front must always maintain forward momentum. The time that we may rest can only ever come after America is set firmly upon the Reformationist path.

Consistent, fervent, and wholehearted belief and action towards our success and goals are necessary and essential.